hi guys,

i need to access the values from the excel through java script and update into database [mysql] i have code to access the excel but i dono how to insert the got rows into the database. i m using servlets,HTML and java script. Now how do i pass the values to the servlets from the java script?

pl help me out.

// +"<td align=\"left\">select The Excel Sheet:</td>\n" +"Select The Excel Sheet Path:"
+"<INPUT type=\"File\" name=\"Excelhandler\" value=\"Excelhandler\">\n"
+"<INPUT type=\"button\" value=\"Load\" name=Load onclick=\"OnButton2(Excelhandler.value);\">
+ "<script language=\"Javascript\">\n"
+ "function OnButton2(sdir)\n"
+"var Excel,Excelsheet;\n"
+"Excel = new ActiveXObject(\"Excel.Application\");\n"
+"var col=Excelsheet.Activesheet.usedrange.columns.count;"
+"var row=Excelsheet.Activesheet.usedrange.rows.count;"
+ "</script>\n"