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Thread: Serious Help With IE 6 and 7

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    Exclamation Serious Help With IE 6 and 7

    So I have been working on this site and then I previewed it in IE6 and 7 and it's a mess. Does anyone have any idea how I could fix it? I have no idea where to start!

    I have tried IE8.js with no luck!

    Please help!!!

    LINK: http://pserver.x10hosting.com/sab-prev/

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    validate your code http://validator.w3.org/check?verbos...%2Fsab-prev%2F

    Site died while I was looking at it! However, it looks like you need to set z-index or using position: relative when you shouldn't be.

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    Your link is dead so we can't actually see the problem/s

    However, if this the first time you've looked at this project in these browsers, I'd suggest you try the following to help track down where the worst problems are:

    1. Make a copy of the page
    2. In the code, start removing div elements one by one to narrow down the worst problems.
    3. Work through your layouts like this until you identify the classes/IDs that have issues - fix the easy ones first
    4. Post back here on specific errors you cannot solve by comparison. Some issues may require conditional CSS styling

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