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Thread: [RESOLVED] Loosing data with ajax post

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Loosing data with ajax post

    I am having a bit of an issue here. For some reason my ajax POST does not send all the information.

    The first parameters work fine, the others seem to be lost or something.

    HTML Code:
    replytext = encodeURIComponent(document.reply.replytext.value);
    kunde = encodeURIComponent(document.reply.kunde.value);
    overskrift = encodeURIComponent(document.reply.overskrift.value);
    varsle = 1;
    send= "update=uchat&message="+replytext+"&kunde="+kunde+"&overskrift="+overskrift+"&varsle="+varsle;
    I have checked all the variables with alerts, and they are correct. I have tried to echo out the POST on the PHP side and there is nothing.

    the first 3 parameters are working fine. The others are not working.
    Any suggestions to why its like that?

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    This is solved. It seems like it was an error in my PHP script. This can happen when the project get quite big :P

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