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    Question Help With Making a Counter

    Hello Guys

    I am trying to make a counter, let me explain what i need. I gave my friend a banner that i made for my site, and i want to put it on his site and we want to see how many people click on this banner. So we can have some understanding if people are actually hitting my banner and coming to my site. Can anyone help please.

    Thank you

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    You could install Google Analytics on your site to see how many visitors your friends site has referred?

    There are other alternatives out there but this one strikes me as the easiest, without having to write any additional code.

    If you do use Google Analytics and it's linking to your homepage, for example, it might be better for the banner to link to 'www.yoursite.com?referrer=friend'. This way you can filter these page hits and get a better view of how many people have been referred.

    Hope that helps
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