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Thread: Space after div

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    Space after div

    Hi all,

    I'm programming a lay-out with css. The lay-out contains a contentbox which has position: absolute. When I put lots of text into the contentbox, the box reaches the edge of the page. How can I add space at the bottom of the box so that there is a space between the bottom of the page and the contentbox? I tried margin-bottom: 40px but it didn't work for me.

    Please help!

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    position: absolute elements are taken out of the flow. This means it is basically independent to other elements except for the parent with position: relative. That is if you use margin on an position: absolute element it is in relation to the parent.

    I think the only way to fix what you have described without Javascript is not to use position: absolute;

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    Could you not have a relatively positioned div around the content, inside of the abolutely positioned element and add the margin to this?

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    nice suggestions.

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