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Thread: Improve jpeg

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    Improve jpeg

    I have a jpeg that is copied from a powerpoint and loses it clarity if I make it 180 X 180. Are there any style settings/css or someway to manipulate it with img tag to make it look better?

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    afaik You will need to optimise the jpg from Powerpoint in some image editing application.

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    Once an image has been made using a set DPI and saved, no amount of editing is going to improve it at a low resolution.

    You can use some effects are graphics editing tools like, sharpen image, but resizing the image larger from a low resolution image is still going to cause distortion and/or pixelation. You need to start making images at a higher DPI (150 minimum), which means a larger file size, or use the vector format for images where you can resize and save new images in a jpg format that look good. This way, you can keep the .svh file and resize at anytime and make good jpg copies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    Once an image has been made using a set DPI and saved, no amount of editing is going to improve it at a low resolution.
    Are you confusing DPI (Dots Per Inch) with PPI (Pixels Per Inch) which to my understanding are not the same thing although many people interchange the 2 terms.

    I thought DPI is used by printers when specifying how many dots per inch they print per inch to get the colours in the image. A printer might actually use 4 dots from its available colours (ink cartridges etc) to get the colour for a particular pixel in the image.

    My understanding is that both ppi and dpi are irrelevent when talking about displaying images on a computer screen. All that matters is the actual pixel length and width of the image.

    For example - a 600px x 600px image is going to look exactly the same on a computer screen whether the image was saved at 300ppi or 100ppi.

    The ppi will however determine the picture quality of the image when making a hard copy print at a given paper size. Say your printer needs 300ppi minimum to make acceptable quality prints, then to make a good quality 6" x 4" paper print, you will need an image of at least 1800px x 1200px.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    You can use some effects are graphics editing tools like, sharpen image ...
    A slight tangent, but that tool tends to ruin images. There are better ways to sharpen than to use that filter. unsharp mask, high pass and so on. A lot of digital cameras have an auto-sharpen image function on them and destroy images the moment you take them unless you switch that feature off.

    On topic, all of the ms office apps tend to destroy embedded images by default with the compression method it uses. It has been a while since I used ms office, but I recall some advanced selections you could make to have it not destroy the images when you embed them. If you don't have the original, I doubt you could use these advanced selections to undo the compression, but you could give it a go.

    That said, depending on what the image is, you can 'fix' it to an extent if you're good with photoshop or the like, but missing data is missing data and you cannot recover it.

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    From the ppi/dpi discussions sounds like some people need to go back to prepress 101...

    But that's not the topic.

    Office does tend to bastardize images, but I have found a way that has oddly saved me in a few instances that might work for you.

    Sometimes people send me images embeded in my email, and usually those people are too much work to get them to even send that let alone send an attachement. (or it's a screenshot they just pasted directly into outlook oh developers...)

    So if I open MS paint, yes MS paint, and copy and paste the embeded image into paint, save it as a bmp and then open with my editing software (usually Photoshop CS4) it doesn't seem to go as pixelated.

    Just a random trick I discovered, I don't know the size of image you're working with or anything so you can take this trick with a grain of salt.

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    A couple other tricks when dealing with embedded images in a word processing program that sometimes works is to use the program's zoom tool and then do a screen capture of the zoomed in image. You should be able to tell visually if this is going to help you or not. Another thing to try is to go into the program's picture properties and remove any resizing that might have been done within the program. Usually there's something like "restore default" that will undo any resizing that might be distorting the image.

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    use some good software...

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    I don't think you can use CSS or any type of code to make a bad image look better. However, you can reduce the image in Photoshop using a setting that is best for reduction; I think it is called Bilinear Cubic.

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    This might not work but can you view the image properties in PowerPoint before you copy and paste it and make sure it is set to 100% scale. The original may be higher res.

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