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Thread: Replace HTMl image maps using Flash?

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    Replace HTMl image maps using Flash?

    I used many image maps when developing websites for clients, and was mainly doing them using HTML coding, with the help of Dreamweaver's tool

    In order to create more complex image maps with effects such as mouse rollover, popup infobox, zooming, etc, I start to use flash image map software to directly convert images into clickable interactive maps. The result is impressive and clients love them.

    Although Adobe claims 99% of online users have their plug-in installed, I wonder if it is safe to replace all the HTML image maps using flash.

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    Not if you want your site to be usable with an iPhone, IpodTouch or iPad.

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    or usable by people who don't have flash installed.

    a lot of corporations do not allow flash to be installed and with just cause:


    ^ not the first flash exploit either :$

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    You can do quite a bit of that with jQuery and its various modules. It isn't quite as simple as making boxes in DW, but your effects will be more accessible to more users (especially mobile users).

    An excellent article about using CSS/jQuery/HTML to create more dynamic image maps can be found here

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