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Thread: jQuery - Plugin alteration help

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    jQuery - Plugin alteration help

    I want to adjust the layout of the default lazy susan animation for this plugin
    There are 5 slides. How would i need to adjust the JavaScript so that there are always 2 slides on the left, and two slides on the right of the main slide that happens to be in focus? The shapes plugin offers a figure 8 shape that does this, but the animation style is not what the client wants.

    Here's the URL with the working code

    I've adjusted line 88 in the JS file, and it sort of gets me there:

    var period = jQuery.roundabout_toFloat(180.0/ref.children(options.childSelector).length)
    //this is the original line
    var period = jQuery.roundabout_toFloat(360.0/ref.children(options.childSelector).length);
    Can anyone point me in the right direction or help? Much appreciated!


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    It's probably easier to just adjust the files directly if anyone wants to play with this code:

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