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Thread: Longer tables shifting page

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    Longer tables shifting page

    For some reason a few pages on my site, that have longer content (and therefore stretching the table)are shifting the whole page slightly. Here's an example:


    Here's a page that's correct:


    See the shift? Any ideas???



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    Hi Lisa

    there's nothings actually changing here... its that when you have a certain amount of content on your page, the vertical scrollbar appears in your browser and it appears to "shift" the content slightly to the left - i assume cause your table is centered on the page?

    You can test this by opening .../prison/navtest.html and grabbing the bottom edge of your browser and moving it up - therefore reducing the height of the window until you see a vertical scrollbar appear on the right. Now compare that to the other page (in another tab) and you'll see no movement at all.

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