Hi Everyone,
Newbie here and also a moderate tech knob. I'm developing a website and wanted to use some fantastico add-ons using auto install from my host control panel.

I've auto-installed three add-ons: Survey System, Help Desk and Ecommerce to root directory. All of my images in each add-on admin control panel aren't showing BUT the image links are good when testing alone. This isn't a developer problem because this is happening with anything we auto install through our host's fantastico. We've tried several computers thinking it was a computer issue, we've checked permissions and everything else. We thought it was a problem was multiple scripts but when we took it down to one, we still have the problem. We've uninstalled and re installed several times. We have no idea what else to check.

Host is of no help as usual.

So I'm running three different add-on admin control panels without images and it's difficult.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You