Not many people post or look in this section of the forum but this is where I think it best belongs, if not, I hope a mod can move it without any trouble.

I'm having an internal issue about how I should create my directories. First off, let me begin by saying I'm attempting to as other have put it re-create the wheel. I do this for my own knowledge and it's more fun. I have a site that require both a blog and an online store. I've started on the blog and for the most part works (haven't touched the store).

Now the issue I have is with the admin side. I'm wanting these things to be modular so I can easily take it out of one site and put it in another without much hassle. My directories are:


Obviously I have an index file in admin, blog, and store so all you need to do is /blog and it'll load easily. Okay so the question, should I add an admin directory in each the blog and store that the site [admin] would connect to? Writing it out has made me think it'd be easier to do it that way but wouldn't that be an obvious guess for people who are "up to no good"?