I'm trying to make a function that gets a list of files from a directory, adds them and their names + extensions as elements of an array, and returns the array (the array's name is also set as a parameter in the function. This is what I have so far:

function dirList($dir, $name) {
	if(!$name || !$dir) { return false; }
	if(!is_dir($dir)) {
	} if(!is_dir($dir)) { return false; }
	if($handler=opendir($dir)) {
		while(($file=readdir($handler))!==false) {
				'type' => substr($file,strrpos($file,'.')+1),
				'name' => $file,
				'href' => $dir.$file);
	} else {
		return false;
	return $$name;	
But when I try to access it with:

$col1List=dirList($dir1, 'col1List');
		if($col1List !== false) {
			echo "<table class='view-col' id='view-col-1'>";
			foreach($col1List as $num => $key) {
				echo "<td>".$col1List[$num]['name']."</td>";
			echo "</table>";
I simply get nothing. Well, I know that it's not stopping at 'if($col1List !== false) because the table is being echoed, but it seems that the loop adding files to the array simply isn't working.

Any help is much appreciated