Hi all,

I am carrying out a study on Joomla. I have a short questionnaire, mainly aimed at people or companies that use Joomla for commercial purposes, i.e. as web developers or have used Joomla to make their personal websites where they sell services or goods. The questions are very open ended and please feel free to include as much information as you want and any additional information you think may be helpful is welcome.

Please insert response under each question:

FOSS stands for Free/Open Source Software and PS stands for Proprietary Software

1. How long have you used Joomla!
2. Do you know what licence it is granted under?
3. Can you set it up without any assistance?
4. What software did you use before?
5. Has Joomla made your work any easier than it was before?
6. What are the main features of Joomla?
7. Which of these features do you think are the most important?
8. Can Joomla be used independently without the need of other software?
9. What other software do you use with Joomla?
10. If you struggle with the software who do you approach for support?
11. Is the support usually helpful?
12. Are you aware of any rival products of Joomla?
13. Have you used them before?
14. Are they FOSS or PS?
15. Do you have any particular concerns about Joomla?
16. Are your customers usually pleased with the work you produce?
17. Do your customers know that Joomla is FOSS and that most of the end product is not your original work?
18. Have any of them raised an issue about this?
19. Is it easy training someone to use Joomla easy?
20. Does the fact that Joomla is FOSS make any difference for you?
21. Is Joomla the best CMS on the market at the moment (including PS alternatives)?
22. Please explain your response to the previous question

I will be eternally grateful to all those who can assist.