Hi there,

I've have been asked by someone to do a directory website for them. I do quite a bit with Wordpress and Joomla but this is something new to me. I'm looking for a bit of guidance if you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction. I hope I'm not asking too much. Firstly I'll give you an overview of what is required for the website.

Basically, this site will be a business directory. Every business will be assigned to a category. The most important part of this site is that there will be a directory that is searchable by the users of the website. So if I log onto the site and go to the business directory I want to be able to search by category and alphabetically by business name. There should also be a search box.

As well as the directory the businesses should be able to register on the website in order to join the network. Once registered the user should be able to contribute to a blog on the site (and possible be able to amend their own listing). Also, I want to be able to protect some of the pages on the site from non members. So if a non member clicks on one of these pages then they are required to log in to be able to access the content.

So I'm more than likely going to use Wordpress as Joomla can be quite difficult to amend with regards to css, etc..

Should I start looking for plugins? Does anyone know of any good directory plugins that would give me what I require for the directory, so that I can search by category, etc? I presume each business would be it's own separate post and then that post would be assigned to a category?

Or should I go with something like DirectoryPress (www.directorypress.net)? Has anyone every heard of or used this company?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers