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Thread: an easy cms for my clients to use - STUCK!

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    an easy cms for my clients to use - STUCK!

    I am designing and building a website from scratch using pure html & css. My clients need to be able to update the website when they need to, adding pages, photos, text, links etc. Is there a CMS that I can integrate into the already buillt website? It's not online yet, I just don't have a clue how to implement a cms to work with files on a server . Plus, they have a domain name and a hosting company, so it doesn't need to be hosted anywhere.

    I have looked at Joomla but that seems way too complicated plus the files have to be stored in a /joomla folder which I don't want in the address bar.

    Can someone please shed some light on all of this please?

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    To be able to add pages requires a full CMS, Joomla or similar.
    a very simple way to change an existing site (no new pages) would be CushyCMS
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