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Thread: Starting - What kind of website is this?

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    Starting - What kind of website is this?

    I'm actively trying to hire or pay someone to develop a website for me, however I don't even know the technical term for what kind of website it is or what it requires so I don't know where to start to look...

    The website I want to design is more advanced then just a simple content website. It is a website that draws a lot of parallels to a 'virtual stock exchange' website.

    In a nutshell it has to be able to take simple inputted user data (numbers), and take these numbers and output graphs and plots based on my equations I've generated. (simple excel equations). So once the user inputs his numbers, they are referenced against real numbers and create trend graph and patterns that grow and accumulate over time. These graphs must stay in the user profiles and grow as the user continue to update the numbers. Eventually I would like charts showing all the different users and ratings based on their accuracy of the subject I am focusing on.

    The user needs a profile and access to an area to input numbers and access to these graphs.

    What kind of website is this called and how do I find someone to build it for me!?

    Thank you!

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    a link? something? anyone?

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