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Thread: how to get text input to be used as a reference to an image src

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    Post how to get text input to be used as a reference to an image src

    I've been looking for a reference to my situation for two days and i can't find any that are relevant enough.

    I'm trying to accept text as a URL for an image source.
    I then display that image in a form with the use of a <button type=button onclick=codeThatGeneratesImage > type thing.

                function addImageToForm(formID) {
                    //get a reference to the form
                    var formElement = document.getElementById(formID);
                    //get a reference to the element that contains the url
                    var elementWithImageURL = document.getElementbyId("imageURLInput");
                    //get URL entered
                    var imageURL = elementWithImageURL.getAttribute("value");
                    //create image element
                    var newImage = document.createElement("img");
                    //reference the source using the url
                    newImage.setAttribute("src", imageURL);
                    newImage.setAttribute("name", "newImage");
                    //append the image to form
    i know that the bottom half works because i tried it with just a reference to an image directly and it worked.

    i can't figure out why most of the top part isnt working.

    any help would be much appreciated

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    Problems and fixes:
    1. document.getElementbyId("imageURLInput"); should be document.getElementById("imageURLInput");
    2. elementWithImageURL.getAttribute("value"); should be elementWithImageURL.value

    If you debugged your code the first problem is identified for you. The second problem is less obvious but can be solved by stepping through your code.

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    thanx a heap it was driving me nuts

    i feel stupid cause i'm terrible at using debuggers but if i had of just used one i
    could have avoided this pointless post

    i was taking me so long that i thought it had to be a problem with the code specifics

    i'm just starting out but it's no excuse. i think i'm going to have to pay more attentions to learning debugging operation


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