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Thread: Domain similar to my site

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    Domain similar to my site

    I am considering buying a domain name similar to one of my website's domain name. When I do that, should I forward that name to my website? Or, should I do a single page and put my website's logo and say please click here? Or, should I do a single page, display my main website logo and automatically direct user in a few seconds? Or if I do domain masking and show the content of my site when the new domain is typed with the new domain name remaining on the browser? (so the content will show when my current domain name as well as the new domain name is typed, and they will each show on the browser.. would this be good or would i be penalized) Which way is better overall?

    Note: When answering, please consider that the domain I will buy is a very good two word domain contaninig common keyword names.. So if I do forwarding I am concerned that it might loose that search traffic. (But with single page would it be enough to appear on search result, although the keywords are very good?)
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