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Thread: Google Search for my name brings negative results

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    Google Search for my name brings negative results

    I need some advice. If I do a Google search for my name it brings up results, one of which are two YouTube clips side by side. These YouTube clips appear second in the list. One of these clips is a guy, with the same name of myself, fighting in a field.

    Basically, this isn't good for me if someone does a Google search for me, especially potential employers.

    Is there any way that I can push these results off the first page of results? Should I contact YouTube and ask them to remove the clip. Or alternatively should I design my own website (www.myname.com) and hope that I can get it to the top of the Google rankings when someone does a Google search of me. Basically, I'm trying to remove these YouTube clips, at least from the first page of results if possible. What's the best way to approach this issue? Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You need to make better content with your name. Out ranking via basic SEO.

    Make some better videos would be a great first step.

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    Set up a bunch of web 2.0 profiles with you real name, or, forum profiles. I had a similar thing, but after actively SEO'ing a few sites this past year, I can't find what used to bother me anywhere in the past when I search my real name today. The old information has beeen replaced.

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