Hi everyone, my problem is I downloaded a banner transition effect; this effect is called 'picture shuffle', where each picture is briefly displayed and then it slides around behind the next picture which is displayed briefly,etc. I only want the program to loop thru all the pictures ONCE and then stop on the last or first picture (at this point, I don't care which one).

Unfortunately, my poor knowledge of AS is frustrating me. Can someone look at the following code and tell me how to accomplish the 'once only loop'? the code isn't very long. Here it is:

image_movieclip_array = [
// [linkageNameOfMovieClip, waitAfterImage]
[Image1, 1000],
[Image2, 1000],
[Image3, 1000]
/* *************************** */

// init vars
var waitInterval:Number;
var stage_img_array:Array = new Array();
var ticker:Number = 0;
var depthsTicker:Number;

// attach movieclip
for(var i = 0; i < image_movieclip_array.length; i++)
var img:MovieClip = new image_movieclip_array[i][0]();
img.alpha = 0;

// set vars
var oldImage = stage_img_array[0];
var newImage;
var ff_component:ShuffleTransitionEffectAS3;

// start transition

function nextImage(){

// clear interval

// set vars
if(++ticker == image_movieclip_array.length) ticker = 0;

if(ff_component != null)
ff_component = null;

ff_component = new ShuffleTransitionEffectAS3();

// set vars and init filter
newImage = stage_img_array[ticker];
ff_component.init(oldImage, newImage, 75, ShuffleTransitionEffectAS3.LEFT_TO_RIGHT, "easeInOutCubic", false);
ff_component.addEventListener(ShuffleTransitionEffectAS3.ANIMATION_DONE, onComplete);

// on complete method
function onComplete(e:Event)
// set wait interval
waitInterval = setInterval(nextImage, image_movieclip_array[ticker][1]);
oldImage = newImage;

Your suggestions are deeply appreciated.