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Thread: Why do I have white space at the bottom of my pages?

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    Question Why do I have white space at the bottom of my pages?

    There must be something I'm missing because I am not to verse in the web standards just yet but I am trying my best please let me know if there is anything I can do to eliminate the white space at the bottom of my web pages.



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    Stop using position:relative; This moves the element to a different position, but still leaves the original space allotted for the element.
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    So how do you position the tags where you want them without using absolute positioning? I guess my question is what is the standard people use to position tags (in this case div tags) where you want them? I am already centering the wrapper with margin:0 auto; so from there i really don't quite understand the positioning yet.

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    WOW never mind ok i understand now.... the position:relative still keeps the static flow of the page or the element you are currently in and position:absolute will be placed out of this static flow and placed where ever needed. ok I get it thanks a lot Fang!

    Here is the site that helped me out

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