I'm trying to add some info to my database via a form. I've done this int he past with no issues, but for some reason I'm having a major brain fart and it stinks.

Here's my PHP:

PHP Code:
//Connect to Database
$con mysql_connect("localhost:8888","root","root");
    if (!
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
//Add Variables Condition
if ($_GET['formUpload'] == 1)  {
//Gather variables from Form
$firstName $_POST['first_name'];
$secondName $_POST['second_name'];
$lastName $_POST['last_name'];
$birthDate $_POST['birth'];
$deathDate $_POST['death'];
$genNum "";
$picURL "";
$email "";
//Add variables to Database    
$addMember mysql_query("INSERT INTO family (first_name, second_name, last_name, birth_date, death_date) 
                                      VALUES ('
$firstName', '$secondName', '$lastName', '$birthDate', '$deathDate'");
        if (!
mysql_query($addMember,$con))  {
'Error: ' mysql_error());
"1 record added";
//echo "" . $firstName . " " . $secondName . " " . $lastName . " was born in " . $birthDate . " and died in " . $deathDate;

For some reason I keep getting "Error: Query was empty". I've tried using $_POST['first_name'], etc instead of straight variables and nothing changes.

Any ideas? Need to see more? let me know.