I am quite good at GoLive and can do a lot of advanced things in the program. However, there are some things I cannot do, and I know that to be as advanced as I am in some areas, there are still some very basic principles that I don't understand. That happens often with people like me who are self-taught and are at various stages of that learning experience.

I am building a Web page and I love, love, love the look I have designed. I have two huge problems with it. The thing is, I am not willing to give up on my design because I know it can be done, and I refuse to not do something great simply due to ignorance. I can learn how to do anything.

I am in GoLive 6. I have a floating box on the left side of my page. It presents me with two problems I need help with:

  1. How do I get text to wrap around the floating box; and
  2. How do I get the box to be anchored to the page once the page is built so that it resizes properly with the window instead of staying where it is while the rest of the page resizes around it?

I need help fast on this. I can work in the html code if I have to, but we might have to go a little slower if I have to do that. I am not good with CSS, but I can learn anything, as I said, and I can follow directions perfectly.

Please help me. Oh, and please - no kocky (intentional spelling) developers who need to prove their intellectual superiority over me because I don't know this or other things. Let's just agree that you are intellectually superior and move on with helping me and not be condescending. I've encountered that in the past on other boards, so maybe it will help to address that right at the beginning.

I'm sure no one on this board would be that way, and I appreciate that.