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Thread: Domain Name and IP

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    Domain Name and IP


    I installed Apache 2.2.16 on my computer and I am attempting to host my own website even if I still have a lot to understand about the process.
    I have a question about something I must understand before I continue.
    I understand each website has an IP that translates into a domain name. Before I knew this I asked my ISP provider for a static IP, and they gave me one. But I don't have a dn yet.
    It seems that either the dn registrar or the ISP have to accept the others IP.
    Will I be given another IP when I register my domain? In other words did I get a static IP too early, was I supposed to provide the IP I need?

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    When you register your domain name, your registrar will likely also supply DNS management, which allows you to point a domain at an IP address. Make sure your registrar provides DNS service! Enom.com, for instance, offers free DNS services. (so does network solutions, and presumably godaddy -- not sure about them though)

    Once you're registered, simply set up an A record for the domain (and the www subdomain) that points to your IP. The A record is used by browsers (and other clients) when determining the IP to connect to when a specific host is requested.

    And of course, before you start pointing things inbound, make sure you've got adequate firewall rules in place!
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    Thank you
    You have been most helpful.
    I think I will get it done now,
    thanks again

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