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    Red face Dynamic Form Field Calculation


    I am trying to create some automatic calculations for a dynamic form.

    The complicated bit is that the user can add another row of fields to fill in, which would also need to be calculated.

    Here is what I have so far but it doesn't work!:

    var counterx = 0 ;
    function calcu() {
    var targetmeh = "meh" + counterx ;
    var quantity = "quantity" + counterx ;
    var costtotal = "costtotal" + counterx ;
    var costours = "costours" + counterx ;
    document.getElementById(targetmeh).innerHTML = document.f1.elements.(quantity).value * (document.f1.elements.(costours).value - document.f1.elements.(costtotal).value);
    counterx++ ;
    //(document.f1.elements.productvalue.value * document.f1.elements.NoOfProducts.value);
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