Hey everyone, first and foremost this is my first post here and I'm glad I've found such a resourceful forum! Anyway, to my problem. Basically I'm working on a website of mine and I found something in another website that I would like very much on my site.


If you take a look at that website, you'll see on the right side the tabbed menu. I would like a menu just like that for use on my website. I've tried looking at the source for the page, but I don't know how accurate that was since blogger is XML format or whatever. I don't know a ton about coding, I design websites and I use wordpress for most of them. I just want to be able to put a similar menu to that one on a sticky post on my website. I've tried doing it myself and haven't been able to. I also tried downloading some wordpress plug-ins, but most of them dont work at all and on top of that I can only put the menu on the side, not in the posts with the plug-ins.

I tried studying jQuery tabbed menus and tried a few tutorials but still didn't work out for me. I've really exhausted Google and a bunch of other sources trying to figure out how to get it done myself; I wouldn't come asking for help if I truly couldn't help myself.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look at this post! I hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks.