Hi everyone:

I thought I would come to where the experts go to talk to each other. I have a bachelors degree, have had two successful businesses, but the last one fizzled due to the economy and I've been on unemployment for 14 months. I was in healthcare and sales before and if I can't get a sales job then I know the market sucks - at least in Portland.

I love technology and am pretty creative, although I can't draw worth a darn on a piece of paper. Does that mean I shouldn't be a web designer? I also want to start my own mobile marketing company, but I have to work with people and be creative so I'm assuming to write the program infrastructure I would need to know the mobile web programming (is that C++, or CSS, or XML or all of them?).

I am better at deciding if websites look good and are user friendly versus being attracted to working alone at my computer all day writing coded to build the infrastructure of a website.

So in addition to the above questions, if anyone could help me with these, it might change my life and I would be so grateful. I'm almost homeless right now! =(

1) How many developers and designers does it take to make a relatively simple web page?

2) The same question as above for a mobile application? For an application do I also need a team of computer programmers cause it sounds like they are very different from web developers in what languages they need to know?

3) If a website works on a computer will it work on a cell phone too? If not, why?

4) If a computer program works on a computer, how do they alter it (i.e. MS Word) to be able to get it to also work on a cell phone?

5) How long does it take to make a simple iPhone or Android application do you think and are only computer programmers necessary for that since it's an app or do you also need web designers and programmers?

6) If I want to get an entrry level job in web design, where do I start? Do I need to get a bachelor's degree first or just teach myself programs like flash, or Java, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc, and then companies don't care about a degree if you're good at what you do?

7) What languages should I start with? HTML probably and then what? My friends tell me large companies only have people that specialize in Flash, then another team of designers for each program, is that true? How do I know which ones I should learn then?

Thanks so so much everyone! I truly appreciate it and have a great weekend.

Scott Kemp