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Thread: SQL db alternatives for user directory install

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    SQL db alternatives for user directory install

    Okay, I have an odd problem I thought I'd throw out there, high concept ideas or links are more than okay:

    I have a customer who is redistributing my software (awesome). The customer originally wanted the software to be completely packaged within the folder (no DB access), and we originally handled this by updating and modifying configuration and user rights via flat file.

    I'm looking to update the software and there's a lot of things that would be marketable (secure, scalable, etc) to other customers if I handle these things through a database.

    I do not want to have to fork the development thread, so I got this crazy idea: If there were a micro db out there that supports SQL, then all I'd have to do is write a pair of wrappers.

    So what I'm wondering is if anyone has run across a very small DB (don't care about optimization, flat file is okay, expected size per table < 10-15 records, should be installable to a user directory) that supports SQL.

    Alternatively, if I have to roll my own, I was wondering if anyone knows any good ideas/tools/guidelines/pitfalls I should be watching for.


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    Have you looked at PHP's SQLite extension?
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    That actually seems like what I'm looking for.

    I actually finally ran into SQLlite after I posted my question last night but right before I had to go to bed, so I didn't get a chance to do any reading. I certainly didn't see the php extension for it.

    Thanks Nate.

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