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Thread: Some users are saying that my website crashes often, help?

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    My users are saying that my website gets "stuck", help?

    My website is http://linksku.com
    I tried it on the latest versions of Chrome, IE, and FF, but there were no problems.

    Some of my friends told me that their browser gets "stuck" when they visit my homepage. I asked them which browser they're using, but they never responded yet. I doubt all of them use IE 6

    The console caught several errors from Google Adsense and ShareThis, but I don't think they caused the problem. Can someone please help me?
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    I posted a link to my website on another non web-related forums.
    Two people said it took 5min to load, I doubt it's my server's problem, probably extremely slow Internet speed.
    Another person said it got "stuck" in IE7.

    Can someone please help me figure out the problem?

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