I don't know if this subject belongs to this Section, so i add it in this General section.

I will try to explain what a intend to do as simple as posible. I have a page (.asp, or ir could be .aspx or .html or .php) which i'll call it "PA" hosted in my server "SA"; there is a page "PB" in other server "SB" that includes my "PA" in an iframe. Now, there is another page "PC" that includes my "PA" in an "SC" in an iframe too. The problem is that i don't want that "PC" includes my "PA" but "PB" should be able to still include it.

I tried to use javascript to get the window.top.location.hostname but the browser don't allow that.

Is there any way (programatically or by web server configuration) that i can block that PC include my PA in its content? Im using IIS 5.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.