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Thread: database driven CMS for large website

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    Question database driven CMS for large website

    Hello, I am looking for a little help in finding a solution to migrating away from Miva Merchant to another system/ database driven CMS.

    Currently I am using Miva Merchant as the CMS for over 1000 sku's of products on my site.. Now here is where it gets confusing. I do not use Miva Merchant as the shopping cart. I use a different source where on each product page I have a dynamic link that links the product to my other method of fullfillment.

    What I am trying to do is move away from Miva as my back end CMS and move to a MYSQL driven setup that gives me the flexabilty to desing pages and have my product content flow into it.

    Any ideas or suggestions on this?



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    Drupal + Ubercart sounds like it might be a good fit for you. The content management and store are all in the same system meaning that theming and design only have to be done once.

    In addition you will find modules that handle emailing your customers, provide lightbox slideshows of product images and thousands of other functions that you may not need today, but might want in the future.

    Obviously I don't know all of your requirements, but I would add this combo to the list of systems you are investigating. It would also be great to hear what you finally decide on and why.
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