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Thread: Is an Open CMS like Joomla suitable for me?

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    Is an Open CMS like Joomla suitable for me?

    Hi all,

    Me and a couple of my friends have a plan to set up an online startup and since it's content based, having a CMS is essential. However, out of my partners, I'm the only person who is technical capable in programming and my dilemma is whether to use Joomla as the CMS for my business critical website (yes, the whole business depends on the website) or should I go bespoke and create my own?

    It's a low cost start up and so employing other developers to help out is out of the question. Is using Joomla a risk for such a business critical system?

    Any opinions would be very much appreciated!



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    What do you mean by business critical? I could try to help you but you aren't telling enough information. What kind of stuff are you doing?

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    As long as you're capable of doing the Developement and making changes as needed, then I suppose you really don't need a content management system. If you plan on leaving at some point or want your partners to be able to make changes, then it's necessary.

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    Thanks for both of your replies.

    Basically, me and my partners are planning to launch a site similar to realtravel.com or opentravel.com but localised to a specific country. We will also have a few staff to promote travel deals and so a CMS will be needed for them to write & publish their articles as well.

    Therefore, the nature of the business is content based and I believe a CMS is appropriate. The question is, should I go for a open CMS or a bespoke version.

    I'm interested in Joomla because it's easy to use and it has a very good reputation. Also, since it's a low cost start up, as the one and only programmer, to stump up a workable CMS, on a part-time basis for the moment, would take quite months.

    However, I'm unsure about whether Joomla is reliable enough to be used in a system on which the survival of the business depends.


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    CMS response


    So from my understanding, is your website going to be review based? Because if thats so I would try wordpress. I recently created a review site and used wordpress. My site is at hostthetruth.com. If you want your site similar to mine, than I'd suggest wordpress(another free CMS). But I have heard of joomla and have heard great things about that too. I don't think its necessary to pay for one because wordpress and joomla are incredibly powerful and versatile.

    p.s. My website could have author reviews as well, but I chose not to include that because of my site model.

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    Thumbs up Joomla is way better

    joomla is way better than other CMS. It is php based and highly customizable. Blogs, Ecommerce, News Archives, Forms, Image Galleries... you name it

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