I am willing to trade out work for work.

What I Need...

2 Module Fixes on CiteCRM. A now defunct lightweight computer repair company CRM. It is still listed on sourceforgedotnet/citecrm, and there is a demo located at trilexnetdotcom/citecrm/ for you to look over. The user/pass is admin/admin.

Here is the work...
1. Repair the Parts module so that parts can be ordered from the work orders area
2. Repair the scheduling module so that the work orders can be scheduled from the work order details page.
3. Template redesigned for a cleaner look and feel. Images and design can be supplied.
4. A million other wishes.

I realize this is a large amount of work, and am willing to compensate. How you might ask? Well that's up to you. Here's what I have to offer.

1. Joomla/Wordpress site development. With component setups
2. Site Hosting (length depending on work done)
3. Logo Design
4. Postcard/Brochure design and Printing
5. Photoshop/Indesign Work

Samples available for all the above. And I'm willing to give you samples of work for your stuff or host you upfront.

Remember, This is an Open Source Project and will remain so. Any work performed will be given away freely and you will make no profit from its distribution.

Basically, I just need this thing working properly. You take a look at the links above and tell me what its worth to you.

I can be reached directly at philspad at gmail.

Thanks for any help,