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Thread: [RESOLVED] Some help with SEO urls and making a change.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Some help with SEO urls and making a change.

    Hi guys,

    Wondering if you can help/provide assistance.
    I have a ecommerce website, it's been up and running for 3 months or so, and has about 850 products listed.
    I have the SEO URL enabled and works fine, however I made an error when I originally created the url names and now I want to change them all so instead of just including the model name i.e. viao (mysite.com/viao) I want to make the url sony-via (mysite.com/sony-viao)
    So I am thinking of modifying the SEO URLS for my 850 products and the categories and improving them for search engines.
    Is this risky, what do you think, will there be implications, search engine rankings will drop?
    Or will it be ok as I have the who google analytics installed and running.
    Hope you guys can help.

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    Once you have to submitted your website URL in that search engine don't try to change the change the URL.. if you have to change the URL, the google will be consider the new site.. so you have to do the repeated work for that website..

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