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Thread: problem with resize script, but why?

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    problem with resize script, but why?

    I'm not sure why this isn't working, because the values are coming through.

    checkParent = function() {
    childHeight = window.frames['iframe'].document.getElementById("wrap").offsetHeight;
    parentHeight = document.getElementById("subbody").style.height;
    iframeHeight = document.getElementById("iframe").style.height;
    parentHeight = ((childHeight + 5) + "px");
    iframeHeight = (childHeight + "px");


    It reads (on the test page) the wrap height is 325px, and the iframe height is 150px. It should see that 'wrap' is 325 pixels tall, then add 5 pixels. Then take that number (330) and make the iframe and subbody elements heights.

    Any idea why it isn't working?

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    parentHeight and iframeHeight are variables. Setting their value has no effect on anything else.
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