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Thread: CGI TCP/IP client

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    CGI TCP/IP client

    I wonder if thats how I should expose it...

    Straight to the point:

    A friend (=a guy I know :) of mine has offerd his help in a little script that I need: A remote control program for my computer. He is making the server part, and I need a simple CGI script thet could send a command to an address like 'ip:port'. I think (=my "friend" thinks :) it is quite simple and I figured I would get some help from here. If there is a good example of this kind of script, please, inform me. Id be happy to learn some more CGI while dealing this project. Any template script or a tutorial about this subject would be fine.

    Thank you.

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    From what I gather, you need to send an HTTP request from your computer? If that's right then see the HTTP::Request module.

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