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Thread: Fortumo premium sms API

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    Fortumo premium sms API

    I am building an SMS text to win competition to publish in the UK and have been looking at Fortumo.com for the premium sms API. Has anyone here had any experience with them, I have not been able to find any reviews on google etc. Alterntively any one reccomend a supplier?

    Looking for entrants to sms to a shared short code with keyword and answer (A, B or C) and then have that POST or GET my url for processing and return a message billed at premium rate. Dont want to spend a lot on set up costs so prefer a revenue share model. Must have an API that can be called using PHP without too much bother


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    In my opinion is better to conect with webtopay.com for premium sms.

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    In my opinion is better to conect with http://www.webtopay.com for premium sms.

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    I work in company called CS Networks. We are SMS Gateway and we also provide short code option. And we worked with Fortumo and we are very satisfied with their services.


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    Maybe you could try out a solution provided by Ozei NG SMS gateway. It allows you to send and receive SMS from your e-mail account and even from a website.

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