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Thread: Change a span id, not rewrite the page?

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    Angry Change a span id, not rewrite the page?

    Hi all you brill javascripters, I have a problem (obviously) I have a Div with a couple of spans to control a music file, onload the music file plays with a "Pause Music" link in control.

    <span id="MusicOn" class="Music" OnClick="document.all.MusicOff.style.display='inline'; MusicOn.style.display='none'; javascript:document.getElementById('music').Play(); setTimeout('PlayButton()',15000);">Play Music</span id="MusicOn">

    <span id="MusicOff" class="Music" OnClick="document.all.MusicOn.style.display='inline'; MusicOff.style.display='none'; javascript:document.getElementById('music').Stop();">Pause Music</span id="MusicOff">

    After 15 seconds the music will be finished and I want to replace the pause link with a play link, the "PlayButton" javascript uses a setTimeout and a document.write control which obviously runs but clears the html page and I need to add/change the current page.
    Anybody with any help would be appreciated.

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    You'll need to post an example of the script itself.

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    Der, Sorry,

    The script -

    function PlayButton()
    output = "self"
    output.write("<span id=\"MusicOn\" class=\"Music\" OnClick=\"document.all.MusicOff.style.display='inline'; MusicOn.style.display='none'; javascript:document.getElementById('music').Play(); setTimeout('PlayButton()',15000);\">Play Music</span id=\"MusicOn\">")

    Obviously I have tried document.write but get a new page.

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    Walking through the DOM tree...

    It's strange to repeat the id with the closing tag ? See this page

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