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Thread: Practice Questions - Solidify Knowledge

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    Practice Questions - Solidify Knowledge

    Hi guys,

    Having read many web development books (tombs) Iím finding it difficult to solidify my knowledge, are there any practice questions available anywhere to help with that purpose, and especially questions related to the real world of work?

    I know youíre thinking just practice practice practice but I really would like some real world stuff practice stuff to work on as itís more meaningful.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Have you tried googling "XHTML quiz" or "PHP quiz" or whatever it is you're trying to test your knowledge of?

    Also, try googling something like "How to become a web developer" and check out the top ten results. You'll find various outlines of what it takes to be considered an effective web developer. Then you can tackle each bullet point and increase your knowledge/skills.

    Here's one example of what I mean:

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    There are guides and practice questions for PHP certification. Depending on the skills you are working on, if there is certification available then there are bound to be practice exams as well.

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    Literally do some real world practice. Build a website to help users manage CD/DVD collections, or books or anything. Even if it's never off your home server, trying that will show you in seconds how to learn.

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