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Thread: Help Refreshing/Checking Value

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    Help Refreshing/Checking Value

    I'm trying to write a loop that will refresh, using a function, to find a value. Then check to see whether this number value is greater than or equal to 0. If it is 0, then the loop will continue. If not, the loop will break and continue the rest of the script.

    The website I'm trying to use this on is this website.

    I am having difficulty approaching the problem and I am trying to use GreaseMonkey to accomplish this.

    Can anyone help me get started? Or suggestions?

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    The value I'm trying to isolate and check is "SeatsVar".

    From what I can decipher from the source code is that each "Refresh Seats" button triggers the form which is sent into a series of functions. Is there anyway to submit this form on page load using GreaseMonkey?

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