I've build a settingwizard for my web application in Asp.net and in every wizard step I put tab menu . b'coz I have theree steps in one menu. I'll show you how?

Wizards steps:

1. User
2. Floor
3. Employee
4. Inventory

Now, every step has some from to fill first to run the application. so I made Tab Menu for that.

1. User---
a. User Type
b. Create User
c. User Permission

2. Floor--
like that I have prepared all the forms to set up first to run the application now I want to have a previous and next button below the steps that will be different from wizard Navigation template button.

I want to make for these three a.user type b.create user c. user permission, previous, next and for last finish button or link and the tab sohuld be disable when only can click on the prev/next button.

Anybody can help me with that.

Thank you.

Developer - Hitech