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Thread: image map/iframe help

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    image map/iframe help

    k so first of all i am super noob and usually just google things/make it up as i go along... but this time that isn't really working for me.

    heres the page where i'm working on a new layout:


    i want to have a fluid layout that adjusts with screen size however when the screen is adjusted the hotspots on my image are moved around so my image map no longer works. is it even possible to have an image map with a fluid layout?

    also, how can i position my iframe so that it stays in the right place on the image when the screen is adjusted?

    oh and i know the 404 is there. i haven't bothered doing the other pages yet since i can't even get everything positioned properly :/

    thank you

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    Your development schema is obsoleted from the beginning. You should not use maps. You should use CSS backgrounds and normal links

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