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Thread: [RESOLVED] StructInsert issue (n00b with Structures/Arrays)

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    resolved [RESOLVED] StructInsert issue (n00b with Structures/Arrays)

    Hello, all.

    I'm new to working with Structures, and I'm getting an error message. I'm sure it's old-hat to most of you - I'm pretty sure this is a rookie mistake.

    I'm trying to loop through form fields; I have hidden fields that contain the original value of displayed fields, to check and see which fields have been updated. For the fields that have a value different than the hidden, I'm adding to a structure for updating a database.

    I'm getting the following error message:
    You have attempted to dereference a scalar variable of type class java.lang.Boolean as a structure with members.

    Here is the code:
    <cfset thisCount = 0 />
    <cfloop list="#Form.Fieldnames#" index="idx">
    	<cfset thisCount = thisCount + 1 />
    	<cfset request.thisData[thisCount] = Form[idx] />	Field: #idx# - Value: #Form[idx]#<br />
    	<cfif val(thisCount) mod 9 is 0>
    		<cfif trim(request.thisData[2]) neq trim(request.thisData[3]) OR
    		trim(request.thisData[4]) neq trim(request.thisData[5]) OR
    		trim(request.thisData[6]) neq trim(request.thisData[7]) OR
    		trim(request.thisData[8]) neq trim(request.thisData[9])>
    		<cfset updateStruct = StructInsert(updateStruct,"Resource_ID",trim(request.thisData[1])) />
    		<cfset updateStruct = StructInsert(updateStruct,"bf_approach",trim(request.thisData[2])) />
    		<cfset updateStruct = StructInsert(updateStruct,"bf_itrr",trim(request.thisData[4])) />
    		<cfset updateStruct = StructInsert(updateStruct,"bf_itrr_sp",trim(request.thisData[6])) />
    		<cfset updateStruct = StructInsert(updateStruct,"bf_results",trim(request.thisData[8])) />
    	<cfset thisCount = 0 />
    What is this Struct n00b doing wrong?



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    Nevermind - this was answered in Adobe forums, using CFSCRIPT.

      updateStruct = StructNew();
              yadda, yadda, yadda

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