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Thread: PHP link needs to be clicked twice to set cookie

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    PHP link needs to be clicked twice to set cookie

    I've used a cookie to select which style sheet displays on a page, but have found that I have to click on a link twice before the changes are reflected.

    I have the following in the header
    PHP Code:
    setcookie ('select-stylesheet'$chosentime()+31536000'/''mydomain.com''0'); 
    and the following in the body where I want a visitor to be able to select the style sheet they view

    HTML Code:
    <a href="?chosen=default">default sheet</a>
    Any ideas as to why this might happen?

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    It sounds like your reading the cookie or looking for what to display before you set the cookie which would give this result. Double check the order of things.

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    Thanks Reli4nt,

    I put the cookie in another page and then redirected back to the page I wanted to refer to it from. That seems to have worked.

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