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Thread: IE Upload Form "target"

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    IE Upload Form "target"

    Forget all the Javascript on this site, it's the underlying basic HTML problem that I don't understand.

    There's two ways to pull off an "AJAX" file upload (without using flash) that I know of.

    1) Put the whole upload form in an iFrame (and remove the border so it doesn't actually look like an iFrame)


    2) Put a hidden iFrame on the page and set the "target" attribute of the upload form to the name of that iFrame.

    I'm using the second method on: http://hnl.jakswebdesign.com

    The problem is, it doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer (but chrome, safari, opera and firefox are good).....can anybody shed some light on this? The thing is though, it does at least APPEAR to work because when I don't select a file and push upload, then you can see the iFrame below refresh (I have set it to display: block for debugging) and say "No file selected" which is out put from the upload script, yet the file never uploads when one is selected....

    EDIT: Looks like the only option is option #1....just noticed on w3schools that the target attribute on form is deprecated, I'm assuming that's why it's not working in IE
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