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Thread: Trying to Make Webpage work on Safari

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    Exclamation Trying to Make Webpage work on Safari


    I've never really used a site forum before so I'm not sure I'm doing this right, but if I make mistakes please bear with me. I've been looking through the site and am have not been able to find what it is that I am exactly looking for. I am working designing a website for an non-profit organization and have a working site running now. But yesterday I downloaded a dreamweaver layout and used that to design a new web page because I think this new layout is more suited for the charity's website. However, while the website works amazingly on every computer, the webpage I uploaded to test works on internet explorer and firefox on my desktop and laptop. But, I cannot seem to make it work on any macs which are all running safari. I'm not sure but am I using the wrong codes or is there something else that is making the web page act so strangely? Basically, on the web page, the writing is not centered and shoved to the left and the optional region I have, which contains a spry menu is not on the right side but on the bottom. Everything is off for some reason. Please help...

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    First of all, you can download Safari for Windows - it seems to be have just the same as Safari for Macs, and means that you can check behaviour of your site with Safari. I suggest that you should also check sites in Opera and Chrome as well as Firefox and versions of IE.

    To diagnose you page further it would also be helpful to have a page link, and it would also be helpful to know what server-side arrangement you are using. An example to show why: with asp.net 3.5 nav menus can have problems (for which there is a fix) in Safari and Chrome.

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