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Thread: Web Application Framework That Meets These Requirements

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    Web Application Framework That Meets These Requirements


    I am new to Web Application Development (from Desktop Development) and I am going to be building a WordPress Plugin. I need to find a Web Application Framework to use and Architecture (MVC, Push-Based, Pull-Based or 3 Tier). I am looking for recommendations of what Framework would best suit my Plugin Requirements below:

    I hope this kind of question is allowed on this forum, as I know the Nazis on Stack Overflow (touch-in-check not literal) would eviscerate me for asking this but it IS a legitimate question asking for Experienced Advice from Experienced Programmers about the Framework that meets certain requirements rather than 'Which framework do you think is best' or an opinion on a framework.

    If you dont know WordPress Plugins are PHP based with a WordPress API. The front end is obviously HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

    The plugin will allow users to build Sliders using a Visual Designer.

    - Visual Editor: create, rotate, drag, resize and edit Text, Image and Button widgets
    - Load and Save Sliders to the WordPress database (as WP Options).
    - Dynamic UI: The user clicks a button and a new row(li) is added to a list, lists can be reordered/sorted, includes sliders (as JQuery UI sliders with ranges), HTML5 Video elements that play as the user scrolls. So a click of a button is going to require some javascript to generate that new li and also postback this change to the server - so it appears a framework that has Model binding (bind the List to a Server model) would be best suited.
    - Generally the communication between the client and the server is only going to be; Get Slider, Save Slider.

    Is a simple Push-Based framework most suitable to these requirements? Is MVC more suitable? Would you recommend Angular.JS then?

    Any experienced advice would be extremely helpful.

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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm afraid that it seems that your query is too specific to get a reply...

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