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Thread: How to speed up the website developed in Wordpress

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    How to speed up the website developed in Wordpress

    Hi Folks,

    I've a site in WP (www dot uni-span dot com dot au (replace the dot with . ), which takes a lot of downloading time at first time.

    I check the source code on browser and come to know that there are lots of js files... now i m confuse which script shall i delete and how do i increase the speed?

    any help will be appreciated!


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    Google, w3 total cache, it can combine and minify css and js as well as include proper expiration headers (for repeat visitors) and also can do page caching. This alone should help speed up your site.
    However, for me your site loads pretty fast, upwards of around 2.5 seconds for total load time. Are you by chance outside the USA? Your server is in texas, and general network delay may be the cause for the "apparent" slowness. However, the real question is, where are your customers? If they're also not in the USA, then i'd recommend trying to get a host that is closer to where they are.

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    In addition to the good info above, you can look at the results from http://websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/ for anything else you might want to address.
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    thanks a lots guys... the site is hosted in Texas, but most of the user would be in Australia. I'll host it in Australia and ll use the method stated above


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