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Thread: tween from current position

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    tween from current position

    Hey dev'rs

    I would like to be able to tween an image dynamically from it's current position on a mouse over event. A good example of what I want can be found here. (the nav cloud)

    I haven't been able to find anything on jquery or anywhere else, so here's what I've come up with so far:

    // this is the code to find the current y position (slightly altered from here) 
    function findPosition( oElement ) {
      if( typeof( oElement.offsetParent ) != 'undefined' ) {
        for( var posX = 0, posY = 0; oElement; oElement = oElement.offsetParent ) {
          posX += oElement.offsetLeft;
          posY += oElement.offsetTop;
        return [ posY ];
      } else {
        return [ oElement.y ];
    // this function is called from the mouse over event with the 'findPosition' function in the 'tween from' area. (tween from jstween)
    function moveCurlybrace()
      cbTween = new Tween(document.getElementById('galleryCurlybrace').style,'top',Tween.regularEaseOut,findPosition('galleryCurlybrace'),300,.5,'px');
    I spent all day trying variations of this model, but nothing has worked so far. I've also looked everywhere for a similar solution. Am I even on the right track here?

    Any help/feedback appreciated.

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    You can see it in all it's crappy-nes here.

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