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Thread: [RESOLVED] ASP to output Nav menu with submenus from SQL

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    resolved [RESOLVED] ASP to output Nav menu with submenus from SQL


    I have an augmented SQL output of:

    id   url           text        title                  current    parent
    0    /             Home        CSM Welcome Screen     true       0
    1    /calls        Calls       Customer Call Input    false      1
    2    /cases        Cases       Case Management        false      2
    3    /rgas         RGAs        RGA Management         false      3
    4    /reports      Reports     CSM Reporting          false      4
    5    /admin        Admin       Administration Area    false      5
    6    /calls/new    New Call    New Call Sheet         false      1
    7    /calls/edit   Edit Call   Edit Call Sheet        false      1
    I need to use VBScript to format this data and use it to output a Nav menu on my web page template. I have some simple script to do this from a multidimensional array, but it doesn't include the **sub-menu**.

    How do I take this output from the SQL query and format it to HTML? Notice the column "current". This is a variable which is part of a statement that uses the current page id to determine whether or not a link goes to the current page. So this isn't actually pulled from SQL, but calculated during output.

    So, assuming the current page id="0" (home), I need the above SQL data to be formatted into the following HTML:
    HTML Code:
        <li><a class="current" href="/" title="CSM Welcome Screen">Home</a></li>
        <li><a href="/calls" title="Customer Call Input">Calls</a></li>
        <li><a href="/Cases" title="Case Management">Cases</a>
            <ul class="nav-submenu">
                <li><a href="/calls/new">New Call</a></li>
                <li><a href="/calls/edit">Edit Call</a></li>
        <li><a href="/rgas" title="RGA Management">RGAs</a></li>
        <li><a href="/reports" title="CSM Reporting">Reports</a></li>
        <li><a href="/admin" title="Administration Area">Admin</a></li>
    I could probably do this 100 ways from Sunday in PHP, but I'm totally lost in VBScript ASP. Here's what I was doing when I was just using a simple array in the config file and didn't have a sub navmenu (but now I want to use SQL):

    PHP Code:
    DIM company_namepage_titleheader_nav_links(5)

    company_name "My Company"
    page_title "Customer Management System"

    header_nav_links(0) = Array(0"/""Home""CSM Welcome Screen"True0)
    header_nav_links(1) = Array(1"/calls""Calls""Customer Call Input"False1)
    header_nav_links(2) = Array(2"/cases""Cases""Case Management"False2)
    header_nav_links(3) = Array(3"/rgas""RGAs""RGA Management"False3)
    header_nav_links(4) = Array(4"/reports""Reports""CSM Reporting"False4)
    header_nav_links(5) = Array(5"/admin""Admin""Administration Area"False5)

    Each i in header_nav_links
    .write("    <li><a ")
    i(3) = 1 Then
    .write("class=""current"" ")
    End If
    Response.write("href=""" i(0) & """ title = """ i(2) & """>" i(1) & "</a>")
    '#### code for sub-nave menu will go here ####
    Response.write("</li>" & vbCr)
    I'm not so much looking for someone to program this for me, as for someone to guide me in the right direction on this for loop... I don't even know how to create a function in VBScript yet... haha Thanks!
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    How do you expect your data "New Call" and "Edit Call" to be displayed as a submenu under "Cases"?? There is absolutely nothing about your data structure that ties those two subs to the "Cases" parent. If their Parent IDs were 2 instead of 1 it would make sense.

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    Excuse me that was a mistype in the HTML, they were suppose to go under "calls". Thanks for catching that.

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    Ok, so I figured this out after working it out in PHP first. Doing this in PHP was much easier, and I had to cheapen it to do it in VBScript with my limited knowlege. What I had to do was create a function that had an SQL query that returned the parent links, and then during the While loop to output them, I made another SQL query to check for child links for each parent.

    Function DisplayMenu(sMenu_id, iCurrPage, sSpacing)
        Dim oMainLinks, oSubLinks, sLinksMenu
        Set oMainLinks = SelectDB("SELECT ('<a href=""' + href + '"" title=""' + title + '""' + ' class=""nobr' + (CASE WHEN link_id = " & iCurrPage & " THEN ' current' ELSE '' END) + '"">' + link_text + '</a>') AS links_items, link_id FROM links WHERE parent_id = 0 AND menu_id = " & sMenu_id & " ORDER BY sort_order")
        sLinksMenu = ""
        If Not oMainLinks.EOF Then
            sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & sSpacing & "<ul>" & vbCrlf
            While Not oMainLinks.EOF
                sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & sSpacing & "    <li>" & oMainLinks("links_items")
                Set oSubLinks = SelectDB("SELECT ('<li><a href=""' + href + '"" title=""' + title + '"" class=""nobr"">' + link_text + '</a></li>') AS links_items, parent_id FROM links WHERE parent_id = " & oMainLinks("link_id") & " AND menu_id = " & menu_id & " ORDER BY sort_order")
                If Not oSubLinks.EOF Then
                    sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & vbCrlf & sSpacing & "        <ul class=""nav-submenu"">" & vbCrlf
                    While Not oSubLinks.EOF
                        sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & sSpacing & "            " & oSubLinks("links_items") & vbCrlf
                    sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & sSpacing & "        </ul>" & vbCrlf & sSpacing & "    "
                End IF
                sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu &  "</li>" & vbCrlf 
                Set oSubLinks = Nothing
            sLinksMenu = sLinksMenu & sSpacing & "</ul>" & vbCrlf
        End If
        DisplayMenu = sLinksMenu
    End Function

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